Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Of What We Already Know...But Still Interesting

Some of you might have seen this post yesterday on ASLA's blog The Dirt. about photographer Christopher Gielen's aerial photography of sprawl. Some of the photos are eerily beautiful. And scary as hell.

"To find his sites, Gielen first examined statistical databases and honed in on areas with the highest foreclosure rates, which he said indicate where the most unsustainable development is. In Houston, he found perfect web-like networks of prefabricated houses with trees exactly in the same place. One community in Nevada (see image above) is “so perfect” incoming aircraft use it as a marker on their way to the airport. As for the community, “it’s sold as active living, but it’s isolated in the middle of the Nevada desert. It’s a prison of our own making. People are really inside their cars or homes watching TV.”

Interestingly enough, Gielen has done similar projects featuring both prisons and freeways. Check out The Dirt's post here. And for more of Gielen's work, look at his website.

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