Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Moustache Rides...Yes, I Really Just Said That

There are always interesting posts from the folks at Public Workshop. The latest is about a public art installation that turned an abandoned phone booth into a giant seesaw shaped like a moustache. Apparently it is part of a sign for a taco stand. Yes, that is what I said.

Check out the original post below:

Ride a moustache while you wait for your tacos?

Okay there are few things more joyfully absurd than this see-saw, err moustache and its accompanying over sized spectacles. In fact, when our friend Lauren mentioned that she had ridden a moustache see-saw while waiting for her tacos at the ever tasty El Chilito in Austin, Texas, it was almost as if she was speaking another language.

But folks, low and behold, an oversized moustache and spectacles see-saw does truly exist. And if you decide to stop by El Chilito for some tacos, you can ride it to. Anchored onto El Chilito’s colorful sign and located at a bland intersection of two well traveled roads, it provides an incredible moment of hilarity for passersby while taking a playful swipe at the common hipster ‘accessories’ of the neighborhood. Partially fabricated from old telephone booths by El Grupo (here), a collective comprised of Nicolas Rivard, John Algood, Davey McCeathron, and Charles Melanson- it’s pretty great.

We want to ride the moustache.

Make sure you stop by El Grupo’s website (here) to see their process photos, learn a little more about their great work and tell Nicolas Rivard, and his collaborators, ‘Mighty nice job.’.

Thank you Lauren Josephine for sharing.

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