Sunday, October 3, 2010

Everybody Hollerin' Goat

Seems everywhere I look these days, everybody's singing the praises of the goat. Goat milk. Goat cheese. Even goat meat. Mmm.

And lately, I've been hearing about the goat's potential to help eradicate exotic invasive weeds. Goats will eat anything. You know this. We've all seen country "yards" with nothing but a few rusted-out, abandoned cars and a few goats, with barely a sprig of vegetation growing anywhere.

I think there was an article (or at least a blurb) in a recent Landscape Architecture magazine that talked about goats being used to maintain portions of an urban park in Los Angeles. And listen to this story on NPR. I've been following Free Association Design's blog posts for the last few weeks entitled "Staring at Goats" about the animals being used to clean up a vacant lot in where else but Portland.

There are tons of other stories out there on goats being used this way. Just holler "goat." Or, better yet, Google it.

I'd love to see goats on the Drill Field.

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