Friday, October 22, 2010

Contextual Quonset Huts

The quonset hut, originally designed as flexible spaces for use by the military, has become one of those ubiquitous type structures that you see all over the place. After WWII, the military sold surplus quonset huts to the public for $1000 each. They started popping up all over the country. Some were used as homes. Most were used as storage buildings or repair shops. A lot of them have fallen into disrepair, but many still exist. They are odd looking and non-descript at the same time. Seeing one doesn't evoke a place so much as an era.

Quonsets have been on my mind quite a bit lately because of the one located on the Whitfield/Scales project site. I did a double take when I saw the photo from this blog post. I thought they were quonsets. But no. These structures in north Wales are made of old fishing boats Definitely just as utilitarian as the quonset, but it really responds to its context. Check it out.

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